Photographing children

Children make a wonderful subject. Here are some tips for ensuring photos of children are even more memorable.

Meet them eye-to-eye

Bring yourself down to the child.s level . even if you need to crouch down. This will give your shots a ‘kids eye view’ and won’t distort their image (as taking the shot from above does).

Capture natural expressions

While posed shots are great, often better results can be gained by capturing an image when their thoughts are preoccupied with something else . eg while at play. You.ll capture their faces enjoying the moment rather than thinking about the camera.

Familiarity ensures success

Children who have grown up having their photo taken will be a lot less likely to freeze or show off in front of a camera. Start early and make photo taking a part of every day out.

Children grow up quickly

Record their growth from toddler to child to young adult by taking a family photo every year around the same time . either the first day of school, or during spring events.

Next Time : A technique for ensuring that with every group of photos you take, you’ll always have a couple of great ones.